David & Leida Solar

What would cause a couple of people with 3 young children and a baby on the way to pack up their stuff, say goodbye to friends and family, and move over 3,000 miles from a small town in Oregon to South Florida? The answer…a God inspired adventure designed to turn a vision into a reality.

When we first met as high school students almost 20 years ago, became friends, and then were married in 2003, we never would have guessed what the incredible road ahead of us would look like. God’s mercy and grace have been so evident to us. It didn’t take us long to realize that the only reasonable response to Jesus’ love was to live for Him. He has given us a full life with purpose and hope.

Since we began serving as volunteer leaders in Eugene, OR over 12 years ago, God has had us on a purposeful journey. We have had the privelege of serving in marriage ministry, evangelism, campus ministry and youth ministry. We have had the opportunity of serving as Generation Pastors for the last four years. It was during this season of pastoring that God began to reveal with more clarity, His plan and purpose for the journey i mentioned earlier. Today, we are realizing that plan and purpose as we set out to launch Reality Church in South Florida.

We hope that you will join us as we set out on this adventure.