A Vote

Psalm 38:7 And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.

Today brings the opportunity to vote in our local primary. This election cycle is the most memorable in my voting lifetime. There are candidates that are politically charged and a broad range of issues and opinions that have been weighed in on by them. Democrat and Republican have been wooing communities and committing to improve our lives in exchange for our votes. They ask us for our votes. They ask us to trust their leadership in arguably the greatest position of influence in the world.

In the midst of the noise, I am reminded of one solemn and sure fact. My hope is in God. In the midst of the bantering, badgering, heckling and disagreements, I find peace by the refreshing truth that is my God.

Today brings a chance to have my voice be heard. But when I cry out, it will be to my God and not to the wavering whims of mankind. Today, I will vote, but I will not forget to pray. I will pray for our city. I will pray for our county, state and country. I will pray for our leaders here locally, law enforcement, teachers, the homeless, the hurting in our community and those beyond.

I will vote, but I will also pray. My vote may impact some, but my prayer will certainly impact many.

My hope is in the Lord.



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    Lori says

    We must pray for godly wisdom. We must pray for Gods will to be done.

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    Jessie Adamson says

    Beautifully written, Leida. We must make an appeal to heaven on behalf of our nation, as those who went before us once did. Our concern should be with those who have little to no hope left- the homeless, abandoned, and isolated. I aim to show them that they can find hope in Him, too. As a nation and as individuals, it is not too late to learn how to put our hope in Him. Thank you for sharing this amazing insight.

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