Who is Reality Church?
Reality Church is the result of a community of people who simply love Jesus.  We know of no better way to live this life than to respond to the love Jesus has shown us and the friendship He offers us.  He is our greatest treasure and the reason we approach life the way we do.  Our hearts are full of gratitude and joy as a result of the amazing relationship we have with Him.  It’s our desire that everyone be introduced to this amazing life in Christ.

You Belong!
Reality Church is an eclectic group of people from many backgrounds, walks of life, and nationalities.  One thing we all have in common is our lack of perfection.  No one has ever saved themselves.  That is why we exist.  We have realized that we are all human and the only one who can save us is Jesus.  We have been created in such a way that we desire love and acceptance. Reality Church is the result of love and acceptance being realized by many people in our area.  We know that you will experience the same.

We Love People!
Reality Church is people.  God has created every person unique and all are precious to Him.  We feel the same way.  We are excited about every individual we get to be friends with.  We hope you will visit us soon and give us this opportunity.  Whether you are looking for help, seeking meaningful relationships, or looking for a place to get involved in a church, we believe you will find it here.