The Sound

Isaiah 33:3 says, “The enemy runs at the sound of your voice.”

Some of us need to hear this today! We need to remind ourselves that the God we serve is greater than any enemy. He is greater than EVERY enemy!

Sometimes we need to cry out and ask God to speak on our behalf. We may not see a clear path out of or through our situation, but God knows the perfect direction and destination to navigate whatever struggle we face. Our responses to the enemies we face can vary, but if they originate in our own strength and ability, they will result in the best we can do. Let’s ask collectively today for the best He can do. Let’s get busy praying, seeking His purpose and asking for Him to let His voice be heard on our behalf and in the struggles we face.

My prayer for us today is that we would call on the only true God who hears us and cares for our needs. He is faithful. He is true.


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    Francis Petewon says

    Amen!!!! Sooo TRUE!!!!

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