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What Do You Do?


This weekend we learned about how what we do effects who we are both individually and as a church body. We talked about how this question evokes many responses both actually and emotionally. When we are happy with the answer, there is great joy in communicating that to others. But the same can be true if we feel our response is lacking.

So, “WHAT DO YOU DO?” What do you do individually, what do we do as a church body? Do we believe that what we do is valuable? How do we grade ourselves. What does success look like?

These questions can feel consuming and overwhelming, but to simplify, let’s look at 3 simple guidelines that will help us to stay on track.

  1. We Please God – We keep our eyes on God and choose to please Him above anyone or anything else. This will help us to know when we are succeeding and when we need to adjust
  2. We Encourage One Another – Be encouraging. Be uplifting.
  3. Let Our Light Shine – We look for ways to do good to others. We look for ways to help others.

Honestly, we cannot do any of these things, for any extended length of time, on our strength. As we learn how to be a light in our homes and our communities, let’s all remember that we need to become and stay connected to Him. He is our source! When we remember this, we are more apt to spend time with Him through prayer and reading His word. Let’s get to know Him and see where that takes us as a church body.

We are excited to continue on this path and see what God has for us as we learn about what it looks like to be a church in the community and how we will answer this question individually and as the church.



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